IPI World Congress 2018 has ended

The International Press Institute (IPI) held its 2018 annual World Congress in Abuja, Nigeria from 21-23 June 2018. Under the theme “Why Good Journalism Matters”, the World Congress affirmed the indispensable role of quality media in building strong societies, showcasing investigative stories and projects that bring positive change to individuals and communities in Africa and around the world.

You can join the online conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #IPIWoCo. Follow us on  @IPI_WoCo and @globalfreemedia for the latest news and updates.

IPI is a Vienna-based global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists. We are dedicated to furthering and safeguarding press freedom, protecting freedom of opinion and expression, promoting the free flow of news and information, and improving the practices of journalism. 
avatar for Bilal Randeree

Bilal Randeree

MDIF (Media Development Investment Fund)
Program Director for Africa & MENA
Johannesburg, South Africa
Bilal Randeree es el director de programa para África y MENA en MDIF (Fondo de Desarrollo de Medios e Inversión). Dirigió SAMIP (Programa de Innovación de Medios de Sudáfrica), desde su lanzamiento en 2017, y más recientemente PRIMED (Protección de Medios Independientes para el Desarrollo Efectivo) en Etiopía y el nuevo Programa de Innovación de Medios de Nigeria (NAMIP).
Bilal Randeree is Program Director for Africa & MENA at MDIF (Media Development Investment Fund). He led SAMIP (South Africa Media Innovation Program), since it was launched in 2017, and more recently PRIMED (Protecting Independent Media for Effective Development) in Ethiopia and the new Nigeria Media Innovation Program (NAMIP).